Indventr developing successful partnership With Rajagiri

Indventr, the in-house project of Simelabs, have extended hands for collaboration by signing a memorandum of understanding with Rajagiri to focus on the research, development and release of innovative and sustainable covid-19 based ventilators which aim to alleviate the severe condition of patients during the covid 19 pandemic.

With the pandemic spreading at its fastest pace showering threat to all the lives of people, ventilators became the only ray of hope to offer aid and keep people alive. Indventr is the consortium of 3 startups namely Simelabs, Aruvii and Ionic 3DP ventures who worked together to achieve the common objective of providing efficient and cost-effective ventilators.

Rajagiri School of Engineering, Cochin has always put great efforts in fostering collaboration between academics and industry and in turn research helps students and faculties to attain greater knowledge by closely working with the industry. Indventr is about to take baby steps into this world and together they can rely on each other for strength, gain more insights and thus combine technical skills, knowledge and resources to address challenges. Simelabs and Rajagiri school of engineering has forged this research partnership to drive more innovation, make improvements to the existing ventilators and thus serve the society.

Indventr has already completed the prototype and validation of two of the ventilation solution which includes Indvenr-100, a BVM based automated resuscitator and Indventr-200, a multi-mode capable pneumatic designed ventilator with options to control ventilation pressure, volume, make adjustments based on the lungs compliance and also support real-time monitoring of the covid-19 patients.

iSave is again an innovative approach by Indventr that enables a platform which serves more patients using a single ventilator and the validation of this solution has been recently published in the Science Translational Medicine. It’s a rigorously validated, well thought out design, priced very low when compared to the other ventilation services and can scale up the services of the ventilator to many more people around the world.

This partnership of Simelabs’ Indventr with one of the aspiring universities will enable Indventr to increase efficiency, ensure compliance, add value to our existing solutions and also help the project to reach out to the public.