From vision to the implementation of Industry 4.0

EdgeXY, a software suite by Simelabs was developed with a mission to build the future of industries with evolving technology. It is a platform for implementing the idea of Industry 4.0 where we see smart industries engaged in aggregating, computing and exchanging data effortlessly. The integrated technologies enable smart usage of data and provide them with insights and thus paves the way for the next level of digital transformation.

Building a Strategy: Industry 4.0 and its impacts on your organisation

Industrial 4.0 is the talk of the town at the moment and it refers to the fourth industrial revolution. As technology advances at lightning speed, industries have evolved through various stages of the revolution. With the advent of mechanisation, water power, steam power, electricity, mass production, computer and automation, industries have unfolded themselves from the era of the first industrial revolution to the third industrial revolution. First one was triggered around the 1700s and over the years industries have gone through a lot of phases and it is the moment to proclaim the beginning of Industry 4.0. The fourth industrial revolution, which has just started and referred to as Industry 4.0 is the latest industrial revolution and the growing trend towards automation and data exchange where the focus is on the network of machines which are interconnected to each other rather than on a single machine.

Industry 4.0 technologies and processes include:

  • Internet Of Things
  • Industrial Internet Of Things
  • Cloud computing
  • Big data
  • Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Smart factories
  • Smart manufacturing
  • Cognitive computing
  • Cyber-Physical systems

In this era, there are intelligent and smart factories where machines and sensors can communicate among themselves and hence analyze their operations and thus issues by means of underlying technologies like Internet Of Things and Big Data. Big data come up with solutions to store huge data sets efficiently to extract knowledge faster and simpler. Artificial intelligence and machine learning, when applied on this data, leads to smart manufacturing which enhances the quality of processes, generates predictive insights and thus minimizes risks and maximizes throughput. 

These days, there are also talks about interconnected supply chains which enable industries to supply or exchange data about products or services to a consumer, thereby building a better supply chain built on trust and transparency. 

By creating EdgeXY, we strive to make this happen easily for you, by helping you control costs, improve efficiencies, enables business growth and meets up with customer expectations. EdgeXY aims to extract value from Industry 4.0 as they share the common goal of establishing the industry, employees, suppliers and consumers as an interconnected, integrated network linked to other networks around the world.

Software for industry 4.0 evolving through technology

A hand touching the screen of edgexy

EdgeXY is a platform which is safe and secure and envisioned for extracting, aggregating, computing and sharing electronic data which allows every participant to extract, store, purchase, verify and run analytics on the data. EdgeXY allows the digitization of industry operations by providing tools that aggregate, analyze and exchange data packages as:

EDGEXY AGGREGATE (EA): This module focuses on extracting and aggregating relevant information from chunks of data. EA module can transform and migrate historic data and use them to train predictive models. It can also receive and process live batch data and generate statistical insights based on it. EA is generally installed in a cloud or local machine to support Lab administrator or a Scientist.

EDGEXY COMPUTE (EC): This module helps to monitor and control a batch cycle, encoded into it as its batch protocol. EC module is installed on a tablet or mobile and is generally used by the technician to monitor and control the production protocols. It has the means to read the relevant process data from the sensors.

EDGEXY EXCHANGE (EE): This module provides a blockchain-based platform, providing distributed trust, to exchange electronic data among your consumers and suppliers. EE is adopted by the sales team to exchange electronic data.

Solutions: Thoughtfully Considering the Requirements

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EdgeXY is Simelabs’s new digital venture which came to life, from our ample experience with numerous pharmaceutical & banking clients. It involved working on a wide range of technologies, designing and implementing new platforms and finding solutions to the problems our clients have been facing. It evolved in three phases:

The first phase involved collecting relevant documents and extracting knowledge from them, often called intelligent data extraction or knowledge mining, which is done with Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning tools. It also involves the semantic transformation of the data to key-value fields and our intelligent models provide you with meaning insights with self-explanatory visualizations.

The second phase concentrated on analyzing the batch data and it involved standardizing, monitoring and controlling batch processes. It also includes reading data from sensors in order to enrich live batch data and thus predict the outcomes which help you minimize the product wastage.

The third phase conceptualizes a blockchain-based platform for data sharing, which by the inbuilt properties of the chain, by bearing the properties such as transparency, security, immutability, traceability and thus assures the authenticity of the exchanged electronic data which in turn integrate your compliance system with that of suppliers and consumers.

Throughout the process, EdgeXY focussed on establishing the most efficient and modern approach in finding the solutions. This is a journey where we reimagine the industrial world and the idea fulfilled by the help of applications like automation, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and machine learning.


EdgeXY acts as a stepping stone for the brave new world of the fourth industrial revolution. This project has profoundly transformed the way our employees think, work and hence access knowledge accordingly. We think it helps you to increase the productivity of your factories and demonstrate innovation thus making you remain competitive and growth-oriented.

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