Embracing and Celebrating the Specially Gifted

On the run for an inclusive world
A small yet significant step in understanding and supporting the uniquely beautiful world of Autism

Nirmala Training Centre for Exceptional Children functioning under the Kusumagiri Mental Health Centre, Kakkanad, Kochi excels in providing training for Autistic children. With decades of experience in the field battling all the stigma resulting from ignorance, financial hardships and acceptance, the Centre has done its level best in bringing the children to the mainstream society by mentoring and training them. Yet more is to be done for the holistic development of the children.

The Centre has almost 70 children undergoing special training. We believe that each and every attempt however small, adds up to the broader vision of bringing to the wide open world, the extraordinarily gifted children hidden away in their own cocoons.

From trying to understand the uniquely complex yet beautiful realm of Autism to spreading that awareness to a broader canvas, we look forward to aid them in their educational and training endeavours as well as lend a hand in their infrastructural needs.

This is a humble start, but one that gets ocean deep as we delve wholeheartedly in to it.

Together, we can, in our own little ways, broaden their already electrifying smiles