How to add NFTs to Metamask wallet

A guide on how to add NFTs (of standard ERC-721 & ERC-1155) to the metamask browser extension.

Add ERC-721 NFTs

Step 1: Import tokens into your metamask wallet

Import Tokens

Step 2: Add custom token

Add Custom token

You have to specify the Token Decimal as 0. The token symbol is the same as the collection name specified in the ERC-721 contract. This token symbol can edit as well. Token Contract Address is the address where the contract is deployed. In OpenSea, we can view the contract address in the NFT detail section.

NFT Details on OpenSea

Step 3: Import the added token

Import added token

Now your NFTs will get added to your metamask wallet which you can send across wallets.

View NFT tokens

Add ERC-1155 NFTs

Follow the same steps mentioned in how to add ERC-721 NFTs.

ERC-1155 tokens are supported by Metamask mobile and browser extension in such a way that they can receive and store the tokens. But can’t send the tokens. In fact, the token count and image is visible on mobile apps but its not yet supported by the browser extension.