Indventr creating a sustainable academic partnership with Jyothi

Jyothi College of Engineering, Thrissur rethought and rebuilt education in this age of technology to create learning opportunities that could challenge the traditional education system. Research, Internship, Imagination, Innovations and Academic freedom are paving the way for the new generation to cause an impact on our future. They transformed the centre of education to the place where you are exposed to professionalism and work. With all the educational excellence and quality they have been providing for the past years, they tend to form new research partnerships with efficient, innovative and fast-paced companies including Simelabs. 

Jyothi College of Engineering has formed a partnership with Simelabs that specializes in the research of our in-house project Indventr. Indventr is a project which is developed to combat the effects of Covid-19 with its innovative, efficient and cost-effective ventilator solutions.

Covid-19 pandemic which has turned into a most crucial global calamity has spread and is spreading rapidly across the world posing enormous health, economy and social challenges to every human on this planet. With millions of people infected by the virus in almost 200 and more countries, this pandemic has turned to be the greatest challenge known to mankind. In this point of time, Indventr has turned to be a major solution to this challenge where no treatment or aid is not yet found and ventilation systems become the only hope for the patients infected by the coronavirus. Indventer provides the frugal and highly connected ventilation solutions which help in mitigating the effect of the covid-19 pandemic.

These solutions are created by a consortium of three startups that included Simelbas, Aruvii and Ionic 3DP ventures who came together to achieve this common goal with their decades of expertise in technology and healthcare. This project is an initiative for better health, offering aid to covid-19 patients with ventilators at a cheaper price when compared to the traditional ventilation system.

Three of the main solutions introduced by Indventr includes Indventr-100, Indventr-200 and i-Save. Indventr-100 is a  BVM based automated resuscitator which supports several ventilation modes and features. Indventr-200 is again a ventilator with a pneumatic design that is rich in advanced features backing volume control, pressure control, high oxygen flow therapy and real-time remote monitoring. iSave is again another solution to avoid the severe stress faced by medical institutions around the world by a shortage of ventilators in the wake of this pandemic. This solution enables the ventilator to be used by more than one person without compromising the safety of the patients.

The partnership of Jyothi Engineering College with Simelabs will help the project Indventr to reach out to the world with improved efficiency, enhanced research and thus add more value to the existing solutions.