Tap into the power of our partners

Our partners are the established leaders and innovative disruptors of the world. No matter the size of your goals, we deliver results. Put world-class thinking and top-tier technology at your service. It’s a collaboration with the perfect partners designed to help your business grow.

  • AWS

    Get maximum value from the AWS cloud, from planning and migration to all that comes next. The cloud is more than a technology platform. It’s a catalyst for business transformation and growth. We'll work with you to define a business strategy, build a cloud roadmap, optimize your move to the cloud, and implement modern platforms for ongoing operational excellence.

    Quick Facts

    • Simelabs AWS SaaS practice brings our engineering expertise to your doorstep for easy adoption of industry-centric solutions
    • Our AWS Life Sciences Practice helps biopharma companies leverage the best of what AWS has to offer
    • 15+certified team of experts to manage your AWS. They know how to take ahead your AWS server to make it secure, powerful and hassle-free.
    • Enhance your business operations with our solution for enhanced cloud security, computing, storage, network operations, application stacks and more
    • Rethink your cloud migration strategy to deliver compelling user experiences
  • Azure

    Microsoft Azure Stack is changing the game in hybrid cloud platforms with a true hybrid cloud experience that increases efficiency, flexibility and productivity.

    Quick Facts

    • We’ve helped our clients modernize their applications since 2014 and we combine that experience with our cloud expertise to help you realise results.
    • We provide cloud-scale data and analytics solutions that integrate data and business processes with our 15+ certified practitioners
    • Deploy Azure-based hybrid environments - by incorporating automation at every possible opportunity and seamless orchestration of workloads across on premise and cloud platforms
    • Agility and Innovation : Explore the possibility to test new ideas on Azure, accessing the secure infrastructure without the need for large, upfront capital investments.
    • Our capabilities across cloud options enable us to provide you with the solution you need.
  • Sitecore

    The power of Sitecore Experience Platform combined with Simelabs expertise enables clients to deliver great customer experiences. Using Sitecore Commerce and Microsoft Dynamics together, we help you realize commerce opportunities within your current web experience, monetize your web channel, and connect your marketing, sales and service experiences.

    Quick Facts

    • 20+ customers in 4 continents.
    • Get a 360-degree view of your customer using Sitecore Cortex™, Azure, and xDB
    • Delivered 30+ Sitecore implementations on Microsoft Azure
    • Select from our pool of analytics and business excellence and automation experts
    • A full service XD practice with global Digital Studios
  • Google

    We combine our expertise in infrastructure, analytics and DevSecOps with GCP’s leading products to create magic. Our automated cloud solutions are tailored to fit your industry and key workloads. We provide end-to-end services and solutions for companies building critical cloud solutions using GCP. Together Simelabs with Google provides you an almost endless number of possibilities to manage, mine, analyze and utilize your data.

    Quick Facts

    • Our team of GCP trained practitioners, not only help accelerate cloud adoption, but also augment your digital enablement
    • Simelabs Managed Services for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) delivers a comprehensive set of cloud managed services to simplify operations, reduce costs, and secure operations for clients on the Google Cloud Platform.
    • Build, deploy, and run data processing pipelines that scale to solve your key business challenges. Google Cloud Dataflow enables reliable execution for large-scale data processing scenarios such as ETL, analytics, real-time computation, and process orchestration.
    • Run Docker containers on Google Cloud Platform, powered by Kubernetes. Google Container Engine actively schedules your containers, based on declared needs, on a managed cluster of virtual machines.
    • Use a managed, NoSQL, schemaless database for storing non-relational data. Cloud Datastore automatically scales as you need it and supports transactions as well as robust, SQL-like queries.
  • Elastic

    We work directly with elastic to promote the promote the widespread adoption of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash.

    Quick Facts

    • 25+ visualisation projects using ELK stack
    • 15+ ELK certified engineers
    • Optimize IT operations by gaining valuable insights about your business operations, improving your log management and analysis strategy, and leveraging Machine Learning to create error alerts to enable rapid and effective responses
    • Boost digital sales and improve customer experience with incredibly fast search and powerful analytics that uncover customer purchasing patterns, store performance metrics and predict future consumer behaviors.
    • We are experts in configuring and integrating Elasticsearch and as we have been working with the underlying search technology (Lucene) for many years, we can also reliably model individual requirements.
  • Adobe

    Our creative + technology digital marketing approach pairs neatly with Adobe’s advanced marketing, creative and experience platforms and capabilities. But marketing is just the beginning. By connecting intelligent technologies like AI, machine learning and automation with human-inspired design, we help brands create and deliver compelling experiences – at speed and scale - to drive tangible business outcomes and grow customer brand affinity through superior sales and service.

    Quick Facts

    • 90+ websites launched
    • 20+ employees certified on Adobe platform
    • 40+ enterprise CMS projects completed
    • 20 enterprise CMS team members