The team is doing great work. I am impressed with the quality of their work and, more importantly, their investment in our mutual success.

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They are really customer oriented and have proven they have a wealth of expertise in the industry. We’re lucky to have worked with such a skilled team.


Simelabs team did an awesome job in not only developing a great UI, but also delivering a great UX experience. The team is down to earth, knowledgeable, passionate, and motivated.

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Java is a modern programming language which has maintained a hot spot in the growing competition among the languages and gained its popularity within a small period of time. Java is still acknowledged as a relevant and popular language which explicates no signs of slowing down. Being reasonably easy to learn, it still offers a lot of features which involves the platform-independence, object orientation, security and comes with a library of classes called java API and a wide collection of frameworks.


Python is a language with a rich history and promising tomorrow which is witnessing magnificent growth and popularity year by year with a massive number of developers flocking to this language. Python offers the best, secure, fast, simple and well-established web framework- Django, which helps in building web applications with ease. Django offers a lot of features which involve simple syntax, MVC architecture, HTTP libraries, its own web browser and much more.


React Native is a sophisticated framework for cross-platform mobile app development introduced and well maintained by Facebook which allows easy and smooth development of iOS and Android applications simultaneously using Javascript programming language. It is a reliable open-source application which provides various features like code sharing that gives developers an opportunity to write a single codebase that can run on both platforms, time-saving, hot-reloading where developers can view all the changes made by them in real-time.


Angular JS is a highly powerful and efficient open-source javascript framework maintained by Google and used by a number of developers for building front-end web applications. Angular js provides a lot of features for the developers which include MVC architecture which is implemented with the help of javascript and HTML, building simple and efficient user interfaces using HTML, POJO(plain old javascript objects) which helps to attain cleaner code and also enhances the readability and reusability of the code.

Site Core

Sitecore is one of the best content management systems which is used by organisations to create the most reliable, seamless and personalized digital experiences. It is a solid base to manage, execute, test, personalize and automate the content, present the appropriate content to right users on time and help the website to hit the market.


Xamarin is a Microsoft technology which is a great option for the development of native mobile applications and is a free, secure, opensource, cross-platform for building android and ios apps. It permits the use of .net and c sharp to create mobile applications and further allows sharing of logic between all the platforms, therefore, enabling code sharing.


Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform runtime environment which executes a program written in javascript. Javascript being the most popular language, node.js is also shining at its peak by presenting a platform for creating efficient, fast and scalable network applications with ease and moreover grants a library of various javascript modules that streamlines the development processes of web applications.


Kotlin is a cross-platform, general-purpose new programming language based on Java Virtual Machine gaining lots of attraction among the developers and widely used for Android development. Kotlin is a modern, sophisticated and efficient version of Java which have the privilege to use all existing Java frameworks and libraries. It posses lots of features like interoperability with java, reducing the crash during run time, safety and reliability which makes them the better choice and the future of android development

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Providing software development capabilities using a range of technologies to various business units in transport and parking.

MISA- Next Gen Social Robot

With huge developments in Artificial Intelligence, we will be able to see all kinds of robots in our near future.Most popular one are the social robots that are made to interact with humans. Misa is a social robot which is designed to interact with humans mostly kids and become functional enough to serve as a family member and a best friend for your kids.

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