& IoT

Harness the combination of blockchain & IoT which has broad potential for the creation of a marketplace of services between devices

Blockchain innovation benefits from competing platforms. Interoperability is needed to maintain efficiencies and simplicity to drive the ecosystem value. Leverage the combination of Blockchain & IoT which addresses the fundamental security architecture problem by decentralising decision-making to a consensus-based shared network of devices.

Identity Validation

Device identity is recorded and validated on an immutable ledger

Build Trust

Build trust between parties and devices, stronger working relationship with your partner

Device Reputation

Reputation is calculated and reorded based on monitored transactions

Data protection

Reduce risk of collusion and tampering.


Enables transactions between validated devices, regardless of manufacturer


Transaction Reduce settlement time from days to near instantaneous

Technologies and Tools

Our comprehensive suite of end-to-end market relevant blockchain technologies and tools



Leveraging blockchain for your IoT data offers new ways to automate the business processes among your partners without setting up complex infrastructure.

  • Blockchain for digital identity

    Integrate your existing infrastructure with any blockchain platform to generate and protect the digital keys.

  • Blockchain Security

    Integrate your existing infrastructure with any blockchain platform to generate and protect the digital keys.

  • True supplier marketplace

    Single source of truth reducing complexity

  • IoT and Blockchain

    Embedded solution for IoT to secure the devices with blockchain-based immutable identity and reputation tracking.

  • Blockchain for manufacturers

    From manufacturing and security to ERP and autonomous decisions

  • Blockchain for SCM

    Streamline your supply chain by moving products to the consumers with security and Transparency

  • Blockchain for Financial services

    Faster, more efficient, reliable and secure payments between the banks and customers.

  • Blockchain for B2B payments

    Digitizes the end-to-end trade process and unites all involved parties on a single network to drastically cut down the processing time.