With the current trend, scaling businesses vertically is very important. Through robotics and automation, we believe we can provide optimal solutions for many problems. Simelabs' aim is to envision and build extraordinary robots that empower the workforce. It's a huge challenge to create machines that can mimic the mobility, dexterity, and agility of people and animals. Our work on robots is driven by curiosity and respect for the natural world. We see the products that result from this work as the next step in technology evolution in terms of developing machines to reduce the monotony and dangers of work.

Utilize your current infrastructure

Get the maximum out of the infrastructure you already have.

Increase your business efficacy

Create healthier work environments and create/innovate product solutions for your business.

Reduce fatigue and boost up your worker’s ergonomics

With a proactive workplace ergonomics improvement procedure, you can save money and increase productivity.

Increase employee satisfaction

Gain higher productivity among employers for better business performance.

Reduce losses due to human error.

Find innovative ways to recover from the losses due to human errors.

Increase efficiency of the current solutions

Review the existing workflow and let technology help you solve the bottlenecks.

Technologies and Tools



Imagine a company that is always one step ahead of the market, anticipates customer needs, and forecasts faster and more accurately than its competitors.

  • Healthcare and Medicine

    Explore the possibilities of robotics in the most vital sector through telepresence, rehabilitation, medical transportation, and prescription dispensing.

  • Logistics

    Reduce the need for increased manpower in the 3PL(3rd party logistics) industry due to the boom in the industry.

  • Construction

    Explore the possibilities of lean construction and increase your efficiency and productivity.

  • Hospitality

    Provide the safest and contactless service to your customers and boost your business with the same.

  • Manufacturing

    Reduce human errors in repetitive tasks with tireless precision.

  • Retail

    Be incorporated into every stage of the retail value chain to generate long-term growth.

  • Transportation

    Analyze this developing sector that gives you many possibilities such as autonomous vehicles.

  • Disaster Management

    Enhance the level of preparedness and the ability to handle the consequences of any disaster with the right technology.