Share Your Fortune Autism Campaign

The Share Your Fortune Autism Campaign was launched at the Kusumagiri Mental Health Centre, Kakkanad on 7th February 2023. The event was inaugurated by Susanth K, the CEO of Infopark and graced by the presence of Silji Abraham, Founder, SYF, Anoop Madhusoodhanan, VP, West Pharmaceuticals, Vibin Varghese, Founder, Metanoa, Derrick Sebastian, Tom Antony, Raji Nair and Prakash Bare of Simelabs. The event was spearheaded by the Nirmala Training Centre for Exceptional Children under the Kusumagiri Mental Health Centre.

Colour was added by the variety entertainment programmes by the children of the Training Centre. The manner in which the children showcased the programmes, be it the group dance, fashion show, songs etc was clear proof of the effort being put in mentoring and training them. An hour of cultural extravagance also taught us what wonders personalised and empathetic handholding can do to the beautiful minds. Moreover, we were floored by the innocence and undying spirit of the children.

Gifts were distributed to the kids and a special kit and contribution for sports promotion was presented. The importance of keeping the children engaged in various physical activities was highlighted by Sr. Zarina, the Principal in charge of Nirmala Training Centre for Exceptional Children.

Sr Zarina also gave us a glimpse of the extraordinary skills that were hidden within each child. While some showed an exceptional taste in research and analytics, others were adept in the artistic side. In sports, she said, if trained it would not only help in channelising and managing the exceptional strength but also help in gaining confidence by mastering loco motor skills. A new turf has been constructed and training in various sports events and football has commenced.

A challenging part of the training programmes is focussed in helping parents, caretakers and the society to understand, accept and adapt to the extraordinary world of Autism. Simelabs looks forth to be of more assistance in this regard.

A short tour of the premises of the Training Centre opened eyes to the daily challenges in bringing up the children and the urgent need for infrastructural enhancements.

We look forth to improve the infrastructural facilities which can have a direct impact on the lives of the children.
This event marked the beginning to a humble step in the direction of lighting the way in embracing and celebrating diversity.