Optimization solution for diary supply chain by getting data driven and actionable insights

Digitization is playing an important role in the business world. Digitalizing the organisation can provide you with a competitive advantage among other organisations by doing things better, faster and cheaper than others. Stellapps is a project which was started to digitize the dairy supply chain in India and also provides various actionable insights to improve the diary supply chain efficiently.

Why digitization?

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The global milk production has increased over the years and is expected to increase 2% per year in the coming days. But due to the increasing population and pervasive movement of people away from rural farming has created a challenge in the case of the dairy industry. This can cause the industry to fraught with many difficulties like inefficiency, deterioration of dairy products, unsatisfactory quality of the commodities and mismatch of demand and supply.

In this emerging market where we face a lot of problems, there is a strong need for technology and this technology acts as a driving force in bridging the intelligence and the efficiency gap. Digitization helps to unlock many unknown values on a large scale.

In every dairy industry, there are mainly 3 processes which involve milk production, milk procurement and cold chain management. These processes are taking place in different sites and is difficult to keep a tab on every site and every process. It is important to keep track of every information available in order to understand the areas to progress. Tracking details never came into practice in traditional dairy farming as tracking down every detail in an analog manner is quite strenuous. So digitization played a major role in this by collecting a wide variety of data from various sites and send the collective data over a network.

What do we do?

After milk production and procurement comes to the cold chain management which involves storing the milk in a temperature-controlled environment. Cold chain must be carefully monitored and managed in order to produce high-quality milk. From the moment the milk is procured it has high risk of bacterial development. So it is important to maintain it at a particular temperature to prevent bacterial growth. Any breach in the cold chain can affect the quality of the milk in a drastic manner like it affects its texture, taste, ph value and can turn into useless. The cold chain involves bulk machine for cooling and chilling milk. Many automated operations take place in these machines. Without proper management, it can cause neglected operations and hence affect the working of these machines. It thus affects dairy products also.

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Every machine has got inbuilt sensors like temperature sensor, humidity sensor, volume sensor which sends live data and hence makes it possible for real-time analysis. With this data we could determine the state of the machine, the current status of the milk, amount of milk in the machine, the current temperature and humidity, whether the machine is on or off and thus every detail regarding the machine. Now with this complete data available, the machine is monitored efficiently from a remote space with the help of the Internet of Things which helps to transfer data over a network. With the help of this remote monitoring system, the received data is stored and hence the complete history is tracked and these values are provided in a graphical manner on the dashboard. So whenever things go wrong, authorities are completely aware of it.


This project has already reached its heights. It is of great use in our Indian dairy industry as we are the greatest producers and consumers of milk and it is really needed to ensure the quality also. So with this system of digitization, we can monitor, control and ensure better care of the products.

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