Sustainable Energy, Brighter Smiles

We believe and walk the talk in ensuring a sustainable brighter future.
Simelabs took a concrete step in aiding the installation of solar panels at Kusumagiri Mental Health Centre which will help in ensuring clean, sustainable and of course, economic energy solution for the institution’s power requirements. Once installed, this will cater to the energy needs of Nirmala Training Centre for Exceptional Children, Navajyoti Centre for Child Behavioral Sciences along with the Kusumagiri Mental Health Centre.

The CSR MoU was signed by Derrick Sebastian the CEO of Simelabs and Sr. Thelma, the Administrator of Kusumagiri in the presence of Rakesh Krishnakumar and Sr. Mercillin. The cheque was handed over by Ms. Raji Nair, the Chief Happiness Officer of Simelabs.

The completion of this project will help Kusumagiri to effectively address the energy requirements of the three institutions in one go. A capacity of 45kWh is estimated to be generated which would eventually also help to offload a huge electricity bill the institutes had to bear on a monthly basis.

Simelabs is happy to be part of a project that has direct impact in easing the lives of people.
We have always stood by Kusumagiri Mental Health Centre and the Nirmala School of Autism, in various projects that touch and enhance the life of the inmates and the children directly.

We believe this humble initiative will be the harbinger for many more brighter smiles