Traffic Sign Design

Simplify Engineering Drawings and Printable Signage Creation

The 3M Transportation Safety division is actively working on a project to enhance their website or portal by incorporating a user-friendly tool specifically designed for their contractors and partners. This tool will cater to the needs of sign converters who collaborate with 3M during road projects. Its primary purpose is to streamline the process of creating sign boards that adhere to the most up-to-date regulatory requirements.

Within the tool, users will have the ability to input the specific requirements of each project, such as the type of signage needed, dimensions, color schemes, and any other relevant specifications. The tool will then generate a comprehensive set of instructions and templates that sign converters can use to efficiently and accurately produce the finished sign boards.

By providing this tool, 3M aims to facilitate a smoother and more standardized process for their contractors and partners, eliminating potential errors and ensuring compliance with the latest regulations. This initiative not only enhances the overall efficiency of road projects but also contributes to the safety and effectiveness of the signage used on the roads.

Overview of the Solution :

  • Generate  PDF of the engineering drawings of the sign boards which can then be submitted by them to the road authority for their approval.
  • Create a printable version of the signages in corelDraw or Adobe illustrator which can then be printed without the need of engaging an additional draftsman.

Technologies Used