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E-Commerce deals with buying and selling of any products online but the pharmaceutical industry is the one which is still yet to be explored. Simelabs has partnered with VWR to develop an application for purchasing biopharma, healthcare, education and laboratory products. This application could make e-commerce of ultra-high-purity materials and customized solutions for the life sciences and advanced technology markets easier. VWR continuously invests in expanding online sales platform in order to connect with the suppliers easily and deliver the products to the customers all across the world.

Make your purchase smarter, faster and easier with the global laboratory supplier and distributor of chemicals – VWR

Building a strategy: Improve with a custom high-quality e-commerce application

VWR is a dominant, global independent supplier of products and services to laboratories and customers. In order to sell the products wherever the customers are, VWR opts for mobile apps which make their product reach millions of needy. Over the past few years, there is a boost in the evolution of smartphones and customers are increasingly moving towards mobile devices and reaching out to brands online. The number of smartphone users surpasses 3 billion and is anticipated to grow by several hundred million in the next few years. This will also intensify the trend of online shopping over in-store shopping and thus boost sales. Applications are thus creating a loud impact on e-commerce as it is making online shopping more convenient and has caught the attention of many customers.

Work: Apps to seamlessly run the store

Mobile screens showing the screen images of vwr app

Laboratory products are a fundamental part of both modern and traditional medical fields and these products need to be of high quality. VWR provides best quality products of their own brands and major thousands of brands. VWR provides customers access to view, explore and buy all these products with ease, providing them with a seamless purchasing experience. VWR provides a wide range of products and that would cover everything a customer needs and it also connects with a number of suppliers across the globe. VWR had always been the one to reach their customers with products and services of very high quality in very less span of time.

Instead, of spending the valuable time in surfing the products through your web, VWR is now available at your fingerprints. It’s all available on your phone with the help of a mobile application, which is the best alternative to browsing and buying products straight from the website. This application is a sight for the sore eye with its simple and elegant user interface, powerful and flexible features. Most of the customers are now preferring the use of the mobile application over the web applications and this a lifesaver for all those customers.

Once the customers complete the registration as a new user, they could log in any time and the mobile application gives the customers the privilege of a lot of features which includes searching the required product through the millions of laboratory products available in the VWR store, saving and sharing the favourite products, showing the recently viewed products, quote order processing which includes the process of submitting, approving and accepting the quote and order management. This mobile application provides interesting offline capabilities for those who have no consistent internet connection.

The e-commerce available on the web provides with lots of capabilities but some features are literally available only on the mobile application.

  •  With the help of your mobile device’s camera, you can scan barcodes and search for that particular product corresponding to the barcode.
  • By using a mobile application, you can search for a particular product via voice with the help of a google assistant
Person holding a mobile with vwr application


The collaboration of simelabs and VWR has helped them in refining the best platform so that they provide the customers with a globally integrated purchasing experience. Customers from every corner of the world can purchase laboratory products with ease. Customers find it more comfortable working with a simple application on their phone and this will make the brand name more popular than ever and also help in boosting sales and profit up to a remarkable amount. This will take the business to the next level.

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