Why python is the most trending programming language?

Being years and years in the market, Python has still maintained its charm and popularity among the masses and we are witnessing its growth right before our eyes. With its rich history and promising tomorrow, it is being well accepted by many of the young developers and most of the newbies are flocking to this language. It is a universal, versatile and multifunctional programming language whose applications seems limitless and those include web development, game development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, data visualisations and much more.

Lets the unleash the power of python!

Why did it become so popular?

Easy to learn and to use:

a person holding a sticky note with written python

If you are brand-new to programming, then python is a perfect option to commence your journey in programming. It’s a language which is simple to learn, execute and handle. It has simple and less complicated syntax when compared to other programming languages. It is effortless to read, write and change a code composed in Python even for the amateur programmers as it is very much equivalent to plain English. This attracts and makes it more widespread amongst the developers.

Libraries and frameworks:

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When you are working on some larger significant projects, libraries and frameworks can support you by saving your time, effort and struggles. Python possesses extensive and excellent libraries which help you in the faster and easier development of the projects and endeavours to build simple and efficient codes. Python provides several frameworks which are beneficial for diverse applications for the developers and that covers Django, Pyramid, CherryPy, Flask and much more.

Some fascinating libraries which grant a wide range of facilities in data mining, data processing, data visualisation involve 

  • Scrappy – for web scrapping 
  • NumPy – assistance for multidimensional arrays and matrices
  • SciPy – for scientific and technical computing
  • Pandas – for data manipulation and analysis
  • Plotly – for data analytics and visualisation
  • Matplotlib – for generating static, animated and interactive visualisations
  • Seaborn – for representing informative statistical graphics

Supportive community:

a peson coding python in his system

Since python has been in this market for more than 30 years, it has an efficient and supportive community to support developers with any kind of problem they are facing in python programming.  It offers lots of documentation, online tutorials, guides and tips that could be beneficial for the developers of any age or skill level and develop their proficiency in python. This community of developers is very active and provides timely help and support to all queries. Developers ranging from amateurs to specialists provide guidance as well as enquire for help and this is essential for all as without any help people may encounter a delay during their projects.


As we have seen, python is an easy to learn language and with the help of it, we can automate most of the tedious tasks. This programming language provides a lot of tools, libraries and modules which makes automation easy. Developers may be wondered by the simple, efficient and especially small code with only a few lines they have to write for the automation process.

Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big data, Cloud Computing & Data Science:

Big data, cloud computing, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning are the newest and hottest trend among organisations in the world. These technologies accommodate a lot of hidden potentials and with the help of Python, we can unlock the potentials and utilise it adequately in the projects. With the help of these technologies and their uses in various organisations, Python has taken a step toward success. This language presents a lot of libraries like NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib that could be serviceable in these technologies for data mining, scrapping and data visualization. Many applications are instilled with these technologies and many Python libraries support the advancement.

What’s more?

Python is an efficient and reliable programming language amongst the other modern programming languages. It can be used in any sort of environment which covers desktop applications, mobile applications, hardware programming, web development and many more and thus its strength to adapt in every application makes python a versatile programming language. Hence if you need to utilise a programming language which can be applied in any environment without affecting its performance, speed or efficiency, the python is the best choice and this versatile nature of this language attracts developers as well as organisations. It offers the same experience in every environment. Now considering the security this is a highly secure programming language and prevents from every threat that may arise while programming.

Success Stories

Many major world-class software companies like Spotify, Uber, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google use python.

Summing up!

Python is progressing rapidly and it may transform into the best programming language in the near future. We have presented some of the fascinating and significant qualities of python in the above article and it shows the quality and features which have made them more popular among the people and organisations. Python is thus growing as a major programming language for startups as well as for many multinational companies.